The 5th P of Marketing

I learned in business school over and over about the 4 P’s of Marketing.  At the time that’s all the information that was out there.  All of the text books referred to them and my marketing professors taught them over and over.  Recently as I have been working in the world of social media marketing it struck me that there is a very important P that was missing from the marketing lesson I learned years ago.  That P is for People.

The 5 Ps of Marketing

Today businesses are looking to get involved in the world of social media marketing because it is the new hot thing to be a part of, however the real reason that companies should want to be a part of social media is so they are able to connect with the people who are their customers.  Never before have companies been able to tap into and have personal conversations with the clients they are attempting to serve in real-time.

The 5th P is potentially the most important P of all yet many of us are not focusing our efforts on the people who make up our client base.  In the design trade we spend a lot of time listening to what our current clients want in a sofa, what colours they like, what type of a space they wish their home to be, but how much time do you spend figuring out what they look for in a designer, decorator, etc.  How do they decide which designer, decorator, stylist to hire?  Why would they choose you over another company?  This is where you can control your destiny and become the expert in your field and you can use social media to do so.

When building your social media presence here are 5 questions you should ask yourself.

1. Why would your clients want to “like” you on Facebook? Some ideas:

  • cool content
  • great contests
  • insight into the way you work
  • current and recent projects you are working on

2. Why would a client want follow you on Twitter?  On Twitter make sure you are:

  • listening to them when they talk
  • engaging in conversations with them not just pushing out a sales pitch
  • asking them what they are looking for, or how you can help them

3. Why would they want to continue to connect with you in the future? You should:

  • Share tips and tricks
  • Share the newest trends
  • Give them insight into your expertise

4. Do you give your clients a reason to share your thoughts and ideas with their own social networks?  Is the content you are providing worth sharing?

  • When you are creating content think about it from your clients point of view, make it something awesome they are going to want to share

5. Are you giving them reasons to come back to your site, your blog, your Facebook page?

  • Update, update, update, you don’t want to have a stale site and no one will revisit if there is never anything new
The idea is simple, when you are thinking about how to market your business don’t forget about the 5th P, People.  Without them the other 4 Ps won’t even come into play.
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An Interior Stylist by trade, I offer a unique view into the world of social media for those in the home design and decor trade.
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  2. Thanks Jenn! Appreciate the feedback.

    • Drol says:

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  3. Kobe says:

    Hi Barry,I agree that social media matekring has indeed become one of the most popular methods of how to get traffic and customers to your site. Facebook is the most popular so far, haven’t really tried Twitter’s powers yet. Thanks for sharing!

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